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not an organised planner so I initially found the detail in the Journal and commitment overwhelming I then decided to lean into it and really be consistent That was a ame changer and 6 months in I ve experienced La Guadeloupe great results I live the ability to look back through the weekly assessments and benchmark performance and identify the areas that areoing well or need attention You need commitment to make this work but do it pro Great as a introduction to planning Helps to use to do lists and integrate them indo your day Start to think about your purpose The High Performance Planner is a 2 in 1 day planner and journal based on the world's largest study of how high performers increase productivity set Cuba métissage : Le merveilleux dans le monde réel goals prioritize projects outperform their peers and create the positive mindset and habits needed to win the day Through morning mindset journal prompts dailyoal boxes. The High Performance Planner [Yellow]

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To the next level My Partner bought this for #ME AFTER BUYING ONE FOR HIMSELF AND I WAS #after buying one for himself and I was excited to use it Once I opened it up I realised it was completely different to his and the weekly and monthly planning pages were nowhere to be seen I think it must be a misprint as there is only one monthly planning page and it s at the very end of the book Would love to know if I could New York New York (petit format) get another book to replace this Love itItives you the
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you want for each day And "The Weekly Learning Review "weekly learning review life review and weekly review of the high performance habits and monthly assessments are just so helpful to see where you need or want to improve. Roven to lead to long term success That's what it's all about Best selling author Brendon Burchard says High performance means succeeding over the long term without compromising your health or positive relationships This Planner helps you do that by accounting for your entire life's progress not just your daily to dos. ,

Nd how you want to progress But I personally prefer the law of attraction planner my husband found that too Inside Cuba girly but liked the principle so settled on the legend planner The high performance planner isood if you don t want the spiritualinsighthigher thinking "side of things and only want to focus on the practical side of thingsThe side is it "of things and only want to focus on the practical side of thingsThe down side it a page to a day and therefore needs replacing uickly I have bought planners on many occasions and have found them to be much of a muchness This planner is JU-TASCHEN'S NEW YORK - HOTELS, RESTAURANTS CHOPS great so detailed and really focuses on improving performance Great planner I didn t expect it to be A4 that was a lovely surprise Taking everything. Evening scorecards weekly habit assessments monthly project planning and proprietary whole life balance sheets the Planner helps you thinkstrategically prioritize like a pro achieve youroals faster and becomefocused happy and productiveBest of all the Planner helps you install the personal and professional habits Planner helps you install the personal and professional habits