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L white powder this probably has the Best Chance Of Doing SoThe Sciencebiology In chance of doing soThe sciencebiology in can be a little difficult to follow It doesn t stop the overall read from being a powerful and hard hitting treatise on the terrible damage caused by our current way of eatingIf I were to nitpick it s that the book is written almost as if it s only going to be read by Australians Some of the terms he uses almost as if it s only going to be read by Australians Some of the terms he uses not common over here It has a slight parochial feel to it because of thatBut as a solid work that could persuade you to change what and how in your eating habits I think it s first rate An explanation that is easy enough to understand and apparently uite simple And simple enough to confirm if you dare Thanks for writing this book David if been looking like this for answers all my lifeno carb diets didn t uite seem right to me but no fructose fits perfectly I get it Thank you for helping me understand myself Perhaps a dry read in places and a bit wordy at times but I enjoyed reading this book and I think it s an essential read for anyone who is trying to understand the appropriate place for Fructose in their diet I have not had the same weightloss results but I have definitely had some health benefits as a result I am continuing on this sugar free uest David s helps demystify the buzz trend towards reduced sugar and also explains why it matters This book was a life changerAfter reading this book I have completely stopped adding sugar to my diet and am actively avoiding it where I canDead se. Y rates and some of theworrying diseases of the twenty first century.

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I gave up drinking beer 4 months started doing exercise and and started to drink what thought was healthy fruit drinks I started to gain 2 pound a week After my weighing scales my age and everything I could think of including my Wife s cooking Then ust by chance someone passed this fantastic book to me and 4 days later I am nearly 4 pound lighter and feeling great I am not on a diet any I am now eating food I really enjoy and even enjoying my favourite beer now and again I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who
*is fed up *
fed up hearing low fat this and that and sick of dieting Fructose IS the enemy keep it out of your system Motivated me to make changes to my familys diet We all lost weight as a result Tried the cake recipes and they were good Very conscious of the amount of sugar in our food now though experienced a sense of loss for the usual snack foods A very inspiring read and lots personal Metric Rigidity Theorems On Hermitian Locally Symmetric Manifolds journey books on the market to keep you motivated I read this book a few years back My sister hadust passed away from Diabetes and Liver failure and I sister had Compacité, Connexité just passed away from Diabetes and Liver failure and Iust recovering from Breast Cancer Not only was I grieving my loss I was also in need of changing my life I decided to uit sugar for 100 days and raise money for diabetes uk My weight loss was phenomenal I had energy I had very few Cancer related fatigue days and I was soon back on my bike and my yoga mat 2 years onThe sugar crept back in my diet Ive gained all my weight and and struggle with motivation So here I am Full cir. Helps you understand and break your addiction to sugar This book set. Cle Ive read this book again Its very thorough scary in places But It Is Factsugar it is factsugar you fat its addictive than cocaine and is slowly poisoning us in places but it is factsugar makes you fat its addictive than cocaine and is slowly poisoning us This time its not 100 days im doing it for life Sweet poison is a great read and very enlightening The information can be a little scientifically dense at times but the overall consistent message regarding fructose is well and truly drummed home This book was extremely informative and a little at times provided enough stats and facts to propel me to make changes Highly recommend Hats off to David Gillespie for his dedication to this research Anyone can dazzle me with science but this book makes sense and the author has backed up his message with well documented medical data I intend to put what I have learned into practice and will write another review after a few months Unbelievable read Really cleverly written with a wealth of data and information on ust how fructose has destroyed our health and created the endless issues and ailments we suffer from today Am 3 weeks into no sugar and feel heaps better and have lost 3lb without doing anything other than uit fructose Please read It will change your life This is a funny read as well as an interesting and educational one David Gillespie can clearly talk and write which as a lawyer is hardly a surpriseThe way he marshals his evidence is uite frightening When you read what food is doing to you you ll be shocked If anything can persuade you to cut down on the evi. S out to investigate the connection between sugar our soaring obesit. ,
Sweet Poison

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